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The Admission Interview

  • Dive into the literature


  • Think about your clinical experience

  • Consider why other clinicians would want to know about your work


Erica Goldblatt Hyatt DSW, LCSW, MBE

Interview: Be Yourself

  • Take a breath 


  • Relax

  • Be true to yourself


Emma Riley DSW, LICSW

It Is A Journey​

  • Develop endurance to achieve the degree​​

  • Lean on your classmates

  • Learn from your mistakes

  • Push yourself to grow

Alba Lopez DSW, LCSW

Prepare Yourself

  • Review the fundamentals of English

  • Be prepared to defend your position

  • Make room in your life for the program

  • Prepare your loved ones for the many late nights

  • Give yourself positive affirmations

Asa Paris DSW, LCSW

The Struggle

  • When you feel alone, lean on your cohort

  • It is not easy

  • You will struggle

  • "The juice is worth the squeeze"

 Asa Paris DSW, LCSW

Expect Negativity

  • You may experience resistance from colleagues 

  • Some clinicians won't understand your pursuit of the DSW

Alba Lopez DSW, LCSW

Discredit Happens

  • Some see the degree as a junior Ph.D.


  • You will need to correct people


  • Get into a peer group to network

  • Respect for the degree has grown in the last decade

Erica Goldblatt Hyatt DSW, LCSW, MBE

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